Intertwined calendar in Genoa, Ferraris under stress

(ANSA) – GENOA, 05 AUGUST – The commitments of the Coppa Italia and the calendars of A and B put stress on the pitch of the Ferraris stadium. A field, that of Genoa, which over the years has often had turf problems with rizollature completed in record time. And this season it could happen again, and the situation even worsen, given the intersections that will often lead the two teams, Sampdoria and Genoa, to play within a few days of each other, especially from now to the end of September. .

Today we start with Samp-Reggina in the Italian Cup and the field, despite the drought, is in good condition. Monday new game: Genoa-Benevento, still in the Italian Cup. The close commitment for the Ferraris turf will be repeated between 20 and 22 August, again with Genoa-Benevento, but in the championship, Serie B, and then with Samp-Juve, for the second of A.

The trio of the double engagement arrives between 31 August and 3 September: first the Sampdoria team face Lazio, then Blessin’s rossoblù challenge Parma. And then an almost overlap in three other cases: on 12 November with Genoa-Como, while on 13 the calendar marks Samp-Lecce; on 11 February there will be Genoa – Palermo and on 12 Samp-Inter; finally in March Genoa-Cosenza on March 4 and Samp-Salernitana on 5.

In short, the Ferraris gardeners will have to work hard to keep the field in good condition. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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