Coppa Italia: Salernitana ko, Parma passes Arechi

Parma beats Salernitana 2-0 and continues its journey in the Italian Cup: the ducals will face Bari in the next round. At Arechi everything happens in the second half. In the first 45 ‘, in fact, the Salernitana produces more without, however, being able to break through. Ribery tries to illuminate but in the last sixteen meters the grenades are guilty of imprecision. Parma, which does not take advantage of a defensive indecision between Mantovani and Sepe at the opening, tries to hit above all in a throw-in. Mihaila (37 ‘) tries with a shot that ends at the side of a breath. The best things for Pecchia’s team happen in the second half. Romagnoli (12 ‘) hits the crossbar on the development of a corner kick with Juric who kicks to the side on the rebound. Two minutes later comes the advantage: Sepe rejects a shot from the edge of Bernabé, the newly entered Camara pounces on the ball and deposits at the bottom of the bag. Parma legitimized the advantage and on 29 ‘also found a doubling with Mihaila who, taking advantage of a Capezzi error, entered the area and beat the Salernitana goalkeeper. At the triple whistle to celebrate is the Emilian team that cancels the gap in the category and continues its journey in the Italian Cup.

Source: Ansa

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