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World Cup: organizers ask to change the opening match

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(ANSA-AFP) – DOHA, AUGUST 10 – The World Cup in Qatar in November-December could open a day early. The organizers of the tournament would be planning a change in the program, in order to anticipate the match between the hosts of Qatar and Ecuador on the evening of November 20, a day before what is currently the inaugural match, Senegal-Holland. , scheduled for the morning of 21.

The hosts’ match should be the third of the first day of the group stage, but the goal is to organize a party in style, with Qatar immediately leading the way.

The request for an advance has been forwarded to FIFA which will now have to evaluate it and eventually approve it by the Prime Minister’s office. The change of program – also in light of the fact that thousands of tickets have been sold – would still cause inconvenience. Even to those spectators who may be forced to anticipate their arrival in the Qatari country by one day.

There is a protocol according to which the opening match should be played by the host national team (Qatar, therefore) or by the current world champion, in this case France. (ANSA-AFP).

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Source: Ansa

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