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Giampaolo, a defeat that hurts, crazy to cancel goals

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(ANSA) – GENOA, AUGUST 13 – “A bleeding defeat, canceling that goal was madness”. Marco Giampaolo has no doubts and points his finger against the decision to cancel, after the referee’s consultation with Var Pairetto, the initial goal of his team scored by Caputo.

“It is a goal that you must never cancel – says Giampaolo – in life I wonder what Gasperini would have said in reverse. I would have accepted if the referee had whistled a free kick, but I do not accept the Var. nothing and for this I feel penalized. I have a lot to complain about this episode. I hope that the team does not lose confidence. ” Despite the episode, the Sampdorias still tried to fight on par with Atalanta by hitting a post and a crossbar.

“I liked the team in both phases. He did things well by playing the game as we had prepared it and he had personality. Quagliarella’s entry? The games last 95 ‘and playing the last 15’ is not like the first 75. There was a gut reaction, nervous and we filled the area with more players but in doing so we left the flanks more.

Fabio was good at creating the opportunities without forgetting that we know his ballistic qualities. But if I had played the whole game as we finished it they would have killed us.

I can say that I liked the team in the first half and we kept the right balance if you fail to concede three or four goals “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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