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Serie A is back: Dazn disservices, it is controversy. Agcom intervenes

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The Serie A football championship is back and the inefficiencies on the TV platform are back Dazn, which has been awarded the rights to broadcast the matches of the Italian football championship. The controversy as well as from the fans also comes from the politicians involved in the electoral campaign.

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It also intervenes the Authority for Guarantees in Communication who made it known in a note that he had asked the streaming platform for ‘urgent clarifications’ on what happened and ‘to promptly provide for the compensation provided for by the last resolution of the Authority’.

After a few moments of blak out during Lazio-Bologna, on Sunday afternoon, the platform’s statement arrived to apologize for the situation concerning Salernitana-Rome and Spezia-Empoli.

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On the social networks, the strong protest of the fans started, also angry at the increase in the subscription price. The first to react was Mauro Berruto, sports manager of the Democratic Party, announcing a report to Agcom. Then came the tweet from Carlo Calenda: “In the end it was simply nonsense to remove the rights to Sky. Moreover, hitting a large company that had invested in Italy and also makes cinema, series and culture”. Following Matteo Salvini: “From subscriber to #Dazn # I think the service they are offering sucks”, the tweet that hinges on his electoral slogan ‘Credo’.

Little did Dazn’s apologies and the indication of an alternative way to connect via TV: the stories of Instagram, with dedicated links: “If you are having access problems, use the link in the Instagram stories to see Salernitana-Roma and Spezia-Empoli “, the notice from Dazn who provided a trick to circumvent the inefficiencies that have returned to appear on the direct Serie A.

When today’s two matches of the evening slot valid for the first day were about to begin, the Ott, which holds the exclusive of the top league had released a note via Instagram: “Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing our platform. We are working hard. to find a solution as soon as possible and we apologize for the inconvenience “. Then, evidently, at the first half the problems were not resolved, and another notice from Dazn arrived.

The warning with an apology from Dazn, with the indication of an alternative way to watch the matches of the first day, did not appease the protests via social media of the fans. On twitter, with the hashtag Dazndown, many report patchy problems also on the afternoon matches, Fiorentina-Cremonese and Lazio-Bologna. Users harshly attack Ott, underlining that the increase in the subscription fee is joined by the repetition of vision problems already encountered in the past. Mauro Berruto, sports manager of the Democratic Party, also intervened on the thorny affair, who reports that he has sent a report of inefficiencies to AGCom. “Throughout #Italia there are serious problems in receiving @DAZN_IT broadcasts. The @pdnetwork sent an urgent report to #AGCOM to ascertain any violation of the signal quality agreements reached there”.

Source: Ansa

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