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    Serie A, Juventus-Sassuolo 3-0, Verona-Napoli 2-5

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    Juventus beats Sassuolo 3-0 (2-0) in the postponement of the 1st matchday of the Serie A football championship played at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. After the initial difficulties, Juventus took control of the game and unlocked the situation with the Argentine Di Maria, who beat Consiglio after 26 ‘, on Alex Sandro’s service. Before the end of time, Vlahovic signed the 2-0 in the 43rd minute on a penalty kick, awarded by the referee Rapuano and won by the same striker, after a detention by Ferrari judged to be illegal. In the second half, Vlahovic’s trio also arrived, this time served by Di Maria. CHRONICLE

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    52 ‘GOAL! JUVENTUS – Sassuolo 3-0! Dušan Vlahović Network
    . Error in setting up Sassuolo, Di Maria recovers who serves his tip: for the former Fiorentina it is easy to bag from a few meters.
    44 ‘GOAL! JUVENTUS – Sassuolo 2-0! Goal from Penalty by Dušan Vlahović
    . Conclusion of the power of the tip that displaces Tips, double advantage for the bianconeri.
    27 ‘GOAL! JUVENTUS – Sassuolo 1-0! Network of Ángel Di María
    . Alex Sandro’s cross from the left, El Fideo ends on the fly by crushing to the ground and finding an impregnable trajectory for Consigli.

    Naples beats Verona 5-2 (1-2) in the postponement of the 1st day of the Serie A football championship played on the ground of the Marc’Antonio Bentegodi stadium in Verona. The goals: Verona took the lead in the first half with Lasagna in the 29th minute, Napoli’s equalizer with Kvaratskhelia in the 37th minute and Osimhen’s guest advantage in the 48th minute. In the second half Henry drew momentarily for the Venetians in the 3 ‘, then for Luciano Spalletti’s team came the goals of Zielinski in the 10’, Lobotka in the 20 ‘and Politano in the 34’ that closed the game. Before the start of a minute of recollection in memory of Claudio Garella, who died on August 12, who won the Scudetto with both teams CHRONICLE

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    80 ‘GOAL! Verona 2-5 NAPLES! Politano Network.
    Nice triangulation of first Di Lorenzo-Osimhen-Politano, left behind Montipo.
    66 ‘GOAL! Verona 2-4 NAPLES! Lobotka network
    . Central percussion by Lobotka who advances undisturbed and from the edge pushes Montipo with a plate in the lower corner.
    56 ‘GOAL! Verona-NAPLES 2-3! Zielinski network.
    Precise filter of Kvaratskhelia for Zielinski’s raid, cold in front of Montipo.
    49 ‘GOAL! VERONA-Naples 2-2! Henry’s network
    . Pharaohs hits from the bottom, Henry’s perfect header, unstoppable for Meret.
    45 ‘+ 4 GOALS! Verona 1-2 NAPLES! Osimhen network
    . From a corner, Di Lorenzo’s header, Osimhen’s undersized paw.
    38 ‘GOAL! Verona 1-1 NAPLES! Kvaratskhelia network. Lozano crosses from the right, Kvaratskhelia stands out in the area and heads off Montipo.
    30 ‘GOAL! VERONA-Naples 1-0! Lasagna Network. From corner, shot by Gunter, Lasagna free on the far post, bags easily.

    Source: Ansa

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