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Athletics: European Championships; Barelli, Israel gold in Monaco aliments peace

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 16 – An iconic, symbolic gold medal that helps to remember, grow, teach. The team of Israel won it yesterday, in the men’s team ranking of the European Marathon, 50 years after the massacre of their compatriots that stained the 1972 Games.

“We are very happy for the success of the Israeli marathon team at the European Championships in Munich – underlines Paolo Barelli, leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies and president of the Fin -. The victory of Maru Teferi, Gashau Ayale, Omer Ramon, Yimer Getahun and Girmaw Amare takes place 50 years after the terrorist massacre of the 1972 Olympics which cost the lives of 11 Israeli boys and athletes, five fedayyin and a German policeman “.

Paolo Barelli who, then an 18-year-old blue swimmer, took part in those Games, remembers those dramatic hours with great emotion. “We were in the building next to the Israeli one when there was the raid-he says-he, and we lived dramatic hours in the hope that the situation would be resolved.

Instead our brothers had been kidnapped and killed. Since then, the Olympics have changed in terms of security, while continuing to enhance and promote principles of equality and inclusion “.” This victory offers us a further opportunity to transmit the values ​​of peace and brotherhood to the young – he concludes – and ‘importance of respecting all men and women without distinction, prejudice and preconception “.


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Source: Ansa

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