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Athletics: Mei, Jacobs and the relay? let’s close this story

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 22 – “At the end of the European Championship, in Munich, I clearly expressed my thoughts on the issue of using Marcell Jacobs in the 4×100 relay. Today I repeat what I have already said, starting with fact that on the subject, most likely, some mistakes have been made. As for me, I who never wanted to enter into the merits of the technical choices, I promise myself, from now on, while continuing to absolutely not want to interfere , to ask to be informed “.

Thus the president of FIDAL, Stefano Mei, comments on the latest developments of the Marcell Jacobs case and the relay, or some phrases said by the coach of the Tokyo Olympian, Paolo Camossi.

“If nothing else, to make my experience as a top athlete available – continues Mei – in order to add, where necessary, arguments for reflection”.

According to the president of FIDAL, “the confrontation that has begun between the technical management and the personal staff of the athlete, even in the press, does not reflect the value of the individuals involved. I want them to know that they all have my esteem. and my approval for what is extraordinary, I repeat extraordinary, they have been able to do in the course of years of work, and which today, in addition to being there for all to see, is a heritage of the entire Italian sport “.

“Let’s enjoy the wonderful results obtained at the European Championships in Munich – is Mei’s appeal -. I think the time has come to close this affair and immediately return to work, all together, for the good of the athlete Marcell Jacobs, as it has been done, very well, up to now “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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