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the use of pinned VAR during Tunisia-France

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Was the VAR rule respected during the Tunisia-France match? While he thought he had equalized after additional time (90 + 8th minute) against Tunisia, Antoine Griezmann saw his goal canceled for an obvious offside… when the referee had already whistled the end of the game. match.

Outstanding guest on the show Europe 1 Sports, Patrick Lhermitte, vice-president of the National Commission of Referees in France, believes that this decision is more than contentious given that the end of the match was already whistled. However, the rule is clear, once the game is over, the game cannot resume.

“We want to save the ethics of sport”

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“It seems that the VAR considers that there is an offside situation but in the meantime the protocol was not respected since the referee should have waited to have the VAR return to say that everything was good and that he could stop the meeting”, explained Patrick Lhermite in Europe 1 Sports.

And for good reason, the central referee should have consulted his assistants before making a hasty decision. A rule which was therefore not applied by Matthew Conger, the referee of the match. “We have the impression that he whistles, that he has the information afterwards, then that he reconsiders his decision” to restart the game. “We are in the application of the VAR where we want to save the ethics of sport, that is to say to take the fairest decision”, regretted the vice-president of the National Commission of arbitrators in France.

A situation that is not unprecedented

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And this is not the first time that football fans have witnessed this type of incredible end to the match. Last October, the match between Atlético de Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen (2-2) in the Champions League, gave rise to an incredible scenario.

After blowing the final whistle, match referee Clément Turpin reversed his decision and awarded the hosts a penalty. A penalty finally missed synonymous with elimination for the Colchoneros. Match facts that make people talk but which could therefore happen again in the future.

Source: Europe1

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