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Hugo Lloris, a captain who knows the English very well

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Cyrille de la Morinerie (special envoy to Doha), edited by Laura Laplaud
12:15 p.m., December 06, 2022

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After their victory against Poland, the Blues resume training on Tuesday. France will face England in the quarter-finals of the World Cup on Saturday, a special game for many players like Hugo Lloris. The goalkeeper with 142 selections has evolved at Arsenal and Chelsea and therefore knows very well a large part of his next opponents.

The French football team is on its way to its quarter-finals. After a well-deserved day of rest Monday at their hotel, the Blues are getting back to business with a training session and a press conference on Tuesday. France will face England on Saturday at 8 p.m. in the World Cup, a special meeting for many players like Hugo Lloris who played at Arsenal and Chelsea, and who therefore knows a large part of his next opponents very well.

142 selections for Lloris

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Hugo Lloris will be the most capped French player in history next Saturday. However, after the success against the Poles, the legendary goalkeeper with 142 selections thought much more about the shock against his English friends than about his own record. “I’m very proud and very honoured. It’s an important step in a career, but honestly, I want to continue. We’re in the quarter-finals and at this stage of the competition, you don’t want to set limits “, he confides at the microphone of Europe 1.

Hugo Lloris ready to face Harry Kane

A particular shock for the goalkeeper who plays in a London club, Tottenham. Hugo Lloris knows most of the English players he meets in the Premier League championship. And as always, the French captain will be able to find the right words to guide his teammates, explains to Europe 1 the deputy of Didier Deschamps, Guy Stéphan: “He is someone who is both soothing and who has a word that account.”

A word that counts for an exceptional goalkeeper. Hugo Lloris will do everything to stop the attempts of his Tottenham teammate, the formidable striker and captain of the Three Lions, Harry Kane.

Source: Europe1

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