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“My players have perfectly represented my idea of ​​​​football”, assures Luis Enrique

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Journalist : Did your style of play end up causing your loss?

Luis Enrique : “We dominated the match, we just missed a goal. We generated dangerous situations, facing an opponent entrenched behind. We could have been more effective in the last meters, it’s true. But this area “, that’s where the space-time is the most reduced. We could have created more, but I’m more than satisfied with what my players did. They perfectly represented my idea of ​​football”.

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Journalist : How do you explain the three failures on penalties?

Luis Enrique : “The reason is simple: I chose the first three shooters. I thought they were the best shooters on the field at that time. From the third shooter, I left the player decide. Well, you see, I had some flair, huh? But if I had to do it again, I’d do the same thing, I’d choose the same three shooters. The only thing I’d change is that I would remove (Yassine) Bounou from the cages”.

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Journalist : What did you say to your players after the elimination?

Luis Enrique : “The only important thing in this sport is the ability we have to make a lot of people happy, even strangers. When I look at the passion with which they experience this in Argentina, I say to myself “phew, this pressure!”. In these extremes, it doesn’t help, it penalizes. A little tranquility, support, that’s what the players need. It’s not a war, it’s a sport where the “We represent our country. We are sad, we have a feeling of disappointment but I congratulated my players for their behavior throughout the tournament. If there is someone responsible, it’s me, not them. Life goes on , I hope it will be useful to them in the future”.

Source: Europe1

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