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Clear words at FC Bayern: “It’s amateurish”

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Serge Gnabry had to report after the violent verbal smack from sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. The fashion trip of the national soccer player to Paris, where FC Bayern has to prove itself in three weeks in the highlight of the Champions League against Lionel Messi & Co. at PSG, also had an effect on the Munich team the day after the 1-1 draw against 1 .FC Cologne still after.

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“That’s amateurish. That’s exactly what I don’t like. That’s not Bayern Munich, doing gymnastics somewhere when you have a day off,” Salihamidzic scolded the leisure model for the trip in the middle of an English week. After the two-point stutter start of the German series champions in the football year, the sports director had an urgent “need to talk” on Wednesday.

A lot of problems, some of them homemade, accompany FC Bayern after the long World Cup break – and that gives the Bundesliga competition hope for an end to the Munich champion subscription. Manuel Neuer’s broken leg in a skiing accident, the separation from his confidant and long-time club goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic or photo shoots by fashion freak and hairstyle fan Gnabry keep the record champion busy off the pitch.

Serge Gnabry maneuvered himself into the focus of criticism in particular

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And things are not going well on the field in the aftermath of the World Cup. “For me it’s a matter of attitude,” said captain Joshua Kimmich, who prevented the total false start with his late art shot – and his statements gave a deep insight.

The Kimmich buddy, christened “Gucci-Gnabry” by “Bild”, maneuvered himself particularly into the focus of criticism. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann gave Gnabry, whose salary had been raised generously when the contract was extended in the summer until 2026, to have a certain amount of freedom in his free time. But after the fashion photos with a fluttering silk scarf or a pink and blue XXL handbag, the 27-year-old must also deliver on the lawn, was Nagelsmann’s clear message. He then replaced the winger against Cologne after a disappointing 45 minutes.

“I’m not one who rates these tabloid topics very much, I rate what I see on the field and what I have on the bench,” said Nagelsmann. Enough of Gnabry, who, as usual, said nothing in the interview zone, apparently wasn’t.

“A day off is part of it to rest and then to be able to step on the gas in the next game,” Salihamidzic reprimanded. After the 1-1 draw in Leipzig and the draw against the courageous team from Cologne, the 46-year-old is gradually worried about the title prospects. “It is now high time that we switched over,” demanded the Bosnian, “that we understand that it is now about the championship.” It’s hard to imagine what Paris Saint-Germain did to world champions Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé in the round of 16 First leg on February 14 with a Munich team like the one on Tuesday evening in the first half around bench presser Thomas Müller.

“There’s enough time, but it’s important that we all wake up now,” warned Salihamidzic, looking at the PSG hit. He demands a quick reaction for the top game on Saturday (6.30 p.m.) against pursuer Eintracht Frankfurt: “We can prepare well for it in the next few days, burn it into our heads how important the game is.”

We are now looking for a new goalkeeping coach

It is unclear whether there will be a successor to Tapalovic as the new goalkeeping coach against the Europa League winner. Ex-goalkeeper Tom Starke has currently taken over the job. “We will take care of that in the next few days,” said Salihamidzic. FC Bayern ended the successful cooperation with Tapalovic due to differences in the coaching team before the Cologne game. “It’s not a decision against Manuel Neuer – that’s important,” said Nagelsmann about the separation, in which he is said to have been the driving force.

“That has nothing to do with Manuel at all, but with the fact that we wanted to reorientate ourselves in this position,” Salihamidzic assured. Neuer does not like the end of his confidante in Munich. This is also likely to have been the case with Yann Sommer’s contract, whose contract is a year longer than his own. Neuer’s leisure time accident, which was serious and costly for the club, could lead to talks about a possible waiver of salary. “We always discuss such topics with the player himself,” said CEO Oliver Kahn of “Sport Bild”. (dpa)

Source: Tagesspiegel

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