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INFO EUROPE 1 – Laporte case: Denis Charvet and Jean-Pierre Rives were also in police custody

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Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin
6:45 p.m., January 25, 2023modified to

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7:25 p.m., January 25, 2023

The former captain of the XV of France Jean-Pierre Rives and the former international Denis Charvet were also placed in police custody for a few hours, Tuesday January 24, before being released without charge at this stage. According to Europe 1, their name was cited in the money laundering case of aggravated tax fraud concerning Bernard Laporte.

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Placed for a few hours in police custody for aggravated tax evasion money laundering charge, Bernard Laporte was released on Tuesday January 24 around 6 p.m., and without any charges being brought against him at this stage. According to information gathered by the editorial staff of Europe 1, the current president (withdrawn) of the French Rugby Federation, was not the only personality to have been heard by the investigators. The former captain of the XV of France Jean-Pierre Rives and the former international Denis Charvet were also heard by the police.

Summoned to a free hearing at 9 a.m., the two men were immediately taken into custody. No charges have been brought against them as they stand. Still according to information from Europe 1, confirming that of France Info, this case would concern a large sum of money not declared to the tax authorities a few years ago. Jean-Pierre Rives and Denis Charvet are both linked to the Barbarians, a team of personalities from the world of rugby. Jean-Pierre Rives, legend of French rugby in the 70s and 80s, notably held the position of president of the France 2023 donation fund, the organization in charge of organizing the next Rugby World Cup.

Bernard Laporte already sentenced

This new case which concerns the president (currently withdrawn) of the French Federation Bernard Laporte has nothing to do with his first conviction last December. The former coach of the XV of France had been condemned by justice on December 13, 2022, alongside businessman Mohed Altrad, for a pact of corruption linked in particular to the sponsorship of the jersey of the France team. After appealing his two-year suspended prison sentence, the 58-year-old former scrum-half tried in vain to stay in office, finally accepting an almost total withdrawal, but retaining its title stripped of all substance.

It is therefore a new case that taints French rugby. According to Me Thierry Nesa, his tax adviser, it would be “a donation made more than twelve years ago. After the withdrawal of Bernard Laporte from the post of president of the FFR following his conviction, nearly of 2000 amateur clubs must decide from Monday to Thursday on the candidacy for the head of the Federation of Patrick Buisson to temporarily replace the former coach of the XV of France.

Source: Europe1

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