No transfer, no problem: The Isco posse shows how solid 1. FC Union is

A memorable day with many trials and tribulations ended with a wonderful scene. Josip Juranovic got the ball ready in the six-yard box, a joyful crescendo rose from the forest side and Jerome Roussillon scored his goal. The fact that the round of 16 in the DFB Cup ended about five minutes ago was irrelevant.

The French full-back for 1. FC Union was applauded despite the involuntary feat of failing to counter-attack an empty goal in the last game of the game. “He’s the first player to be celebrated in front of the curve after a missed shot like that,” said Rani Khedira and laughed. “That also speaks a little for our team.”

But that’s not the only reason why the 2-1 win over VfL Wolfsburg, which saw Union reach the quarter-finals for the second time in a row, was further proof of the extraordinary character of this team. For the third time in four games this year, the Berliners fell behind – and again they managed a comeback victory. “That does something to the troops,” said Khedira.

But the club did not face the greatest adversity on the pitch. In the 24 hours before the game, the Berliners were more present in the national and international media than ever before, but the round of 16 was not the point. For the first time, Union dominated the transfer ticker on the so-called Deadline Day.

Isco is on his way to Berlin, Isco has arrived at the medical check, Isco is about to sign. The impending commitment of the five-time Champions League winner was followed in real time – and then failed spectacularly.

That was “certainly not optimal” for the game preparation, said coach Urs Fischer afterwards. In view of the events, he asked himself whether it would be better not to schedule any games on the last day of the transfer window. “But we didn’t want to create an alibi and the team took it well.” After a win, that’s easy to say with Fischer’s well-known sobriety.

Isco completed the medical check on Tuesday morning, the transfer later burst.
© dpa/Matthias Koch

Khedira used the same to describe the daily routine. “We found out this morning that he’s coming. Then at noon he didn’t come after all,” said the midfielder. “That would have been a great story, but we also have such a great team. The subject is off the table.”

The sporting management level will certainly keep the transfer posse busy for a little longer. Union’s first foray into the delicatessen department of the international player market ended with mutual finger pointing. Oliver Ruhnert can certainly do without further negotiations such as those with Gestifute, one of the best-known consulting agencies in the world, which counts Cristiano Ronaldo among its customers.

“Before you carry out a medical check, all things have been discussed. Then changes to the contract were requested again, ”said Union Manager at Sky. “After the changes were there today, we said: ‘It doesn’t work that way’. Then it was clear to us that we wouldn’t get involved in doing anything that didn’t suit us.”

Isco’s advisers, on the other hand, accuse Union of not having kept to the agreements. The Köpenicker club legend Torsten Mattuschka suspected at Sky that there was a misunderstanding. In Spain salaries are usually given net, in Germany gross.

However, it is difficult to imagine that an agency like Gestifute and a club like Union, both of which did not want to handle an international transfer for the first time, failed because of such amateurishness.

Union will certainly want to put this unpleasant chapter behind them as soon as possible and the team is already looking forward to the next game. Mainz 05 come to the An der Alten Försterei stadium on Saturday and the Berliners can climb to the top of the table at least for one night. “When you have a run like that, you want to keep riding the wave,” Khedira said.

Source: Tagesspiegel

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