France wants to show its know-how at the Courchevel World Ski Championships

Jean-Luc Boujon, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
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06:47, February 06, 2023

This Sunday, the alpine ski world championships in the resorts of Courchevel and Méribel begin. An important event since no less than 150,000 spectators are expected in the two Savoyard resorts. Under the spotlight, France must not miss before the Rugby World Cup and the Paris Olympics.

Courchevel under the snow! The photo is magnificent and that already means that the first ingredient of a successful event is present. But of course, that’s not enough. For several months, hundreds of people have been working to make these Worlds a success. It is essential “because the world is watching us”, believes Perrine Pelen, the former ski champion, gold medalist at the 85 worlds and president of the organizing committee.

81 nations and 150,000 spectators

“The image of France is at stake. This is an opportunity to showcase the best of the mountains and also to take advantage of the XXL media coverage with no less than 500 million viewers. Our desire is to be impeccable,” says Perrine Pelen. Impeccable must also be the reception of the 81 nations and 150,000 spectators, explains Bernard Front, head of the organization. “First of all, we have all the major ski nations that are used to a certain standard in terms of hospitality, reception and sliding on the slopes. And then we also have all these nations that are sometimes called “exotic” who come and who will promote the image of skiing around the world. So it is very important to “pamper” them so that they keep the best memories and come back…”

A life-size test of French know-how, a few months before the Rugby World Cup and the Paris Olympics.

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