Sabo described what Shakhtar did with the words “This is fucked up”

Ex-head coach of the Ukrainian national team Jozsef Szabo emotionally commented on the departure of Shakhtar from the Europa League. The Pitmen lost 1:7 in the meeting with Feyenoord.

The former head coach of “Dynamo” could not find words from what he saw the tactics of Ukrainian football players in a duel in Rotterdam.

“When I saw that Shakhtar started trying to put pressure, I said about myself: ‘This is fucked up!’ I don’t know what happened to Trubin – if not a blow, then a goal. goal! He simply had to take four balls, “Sabo said in an interview with Fanday.

Sabo described what ''Shakhtar'' did with the words ''This is f*ck''

At the same time, Jozsef Jozefovich positively assessed Shakhtar’s performance in European competition.

“They played well in the Champions League, Rennes got through. Besides, they have a young team,” said the 83-year-old specialist.

Sabo described what ''Shakhtar'' did with the words ''This is f*ck''

Sabo also advised Shakhtar head coach Igor Jovicevich to be more modest.

“In general, I think that Jovicevic needs to be more modest. I think he presented himself a little. I didn’t like his last interviews, where he complained about moving, said that he had a young team. These are just excuses! He needs to admit!” that he chose the wrong tactics in the second leg against Feyenoord,” Szabo said.

Sabo described what ''Shakhtar'' did with the words ''This is f*ck''

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