A pupil of “Dynamo” scored a “billiard” goal with a head from 15 meters in the USA. Video

A graduate of the youth academy of Kyiv “Dynamo” Denis Kostyshin was marked by a masterpiece in the 3rd round of the United Football League (USL) USA (the second strongest football division in the country). Ukrainian midfielder “El Paso Lokomotiv” scored against “Detroit City”.

In the 16th minute, 25-year-old Kostyshyn responded to a flank cross and sent the ball with a billiard kick into the corner with his head in a jump from 15 meters. For our compatriot, this was the first effective action for the new team after the transfer in January of this year.

This exact blow of the Ukrainian was the only goal of Lokomotiv. The meeting ended with the defeat of the hosts with a score of 1:3.

The pupil of ''Dynamo'' scored a ''billiard'' goal in the USA with his head from 15 meters.  Video

The Ukrainian midfielder signed an agreement with the Americans for the 2023 season. Kostyshyn’s last club was Oleksandria, for which he played three games, scoring a goal. Denis also played in Dnepr and Kolos during his career.

Source: Obozrevatel

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