Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the final seconds in El Clasico

Catalan “Barcelona” won a strong-willed victory over Madrid “Real” in the central match of the 26th round of the championship of Spain on football in Example. The 253rd El Clasico in history took place at Camp Nou and ended 2-1.

The match started badly for the hosts. Already in the 9th minute, after a seemingly safe attack by Real Madrid, thanks to a rebound from Araujo, the ball ended up in Ter Stegen’s goal.

After scoring a goal, the Madrid team did not create anything for almost the entire time. It felt like Real Madrid, which was a formidable machine in the Champions League match against Liverpool, slumped in front of Barça.

The Catalans had more chances and rightfully scored a goal in the dressing room.

After a flank attack, Rafinho missed the ball, the goalkeeper saved the blow of the Brazilian with the second pace. A round projectile bounced off to Sergi Roberto, who just broke through Courtois on goal.

The second half was held in an equal fight, where both teams could take the lead.

The denouement came in the 92nd minute, when Frank Kessier made the score 2:1. Lewandowski gave the heel to the move Alejandro Baldi, and he passed to the Ivorian, who left no chance for the Belgian goalkeeper of Real Madrid.

After this victory, Barcelona are gaining 68 points, 12 points ahead of Real Madrid and making a serious bid for the championship in the Example.

''Barcelona'' in the last seconds won a strong-willed victory over ''Real'' in El Clasico

In October last year, Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Spanish Championship (3:1) in a historic match for Ukraine. In the country’s Super Cup, Barca managed to take revenge on the “creamy” with the same score.

As reported by GLOBAL HAPPENINGS, Real Madrid took on Chelsea in London in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

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