“There was fire!” In the battles for the key route of the Luhansk region, an athlete from Transcarpathia died, not having time to treat his brothers with bograchi

An athlete from Transcarpathia Vasily Zubritsky died in battles with Russian invaders in Donbas. The tragedy occurred on March 12 near the village of Ploshchadka, which is located between Svatov and Kremennaya.

The death of the Ukrainian defender was reported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Vasily Zubritsky was born in 1995 in the village of Kamenitsa, Transcarpathian region, he was a participant in ski sports tourism competitions as part of the team of his region.

And after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vasily did not wait for an “invitation” and voluntarily went to defend his land with weapons in his hands. Passed many hot spots of the Ukrainian front. Restrained the Russian occupiers in the Donbass.

“Soldier’s coffee has become, to a certain extent, a symbol of the fact that a part of Ukrainian society is always at the ready, so that the rest of Ukrainians can sleep peacefully and go about their daily business,” Vasily wrote from the front.

“At any observation post along the line of defense of our troops in the Donbass, next to loaded weapons, ammunition and “optics” at arm’s length, a serviceman will definitely find a container with strongly steamed, whitened” hot coffee “thickener”. they say, part of the combat dugout still life of the twentieth century, ”said the warrior.

December 25, 2022 Zubritsky turned 27 years old. The Transcarpathian celebrated his birthday on the front line and called it one of the best in his life.

At the end of January 2023, Vasily had the opportunity to return home, see his relatives and start skiing again.

In March, Vasily, together with his company, fought in the Luhansk region. “Everything will be Ukraine,” the hero wrote on his Instagram on March 7.

And on March 12, the defender died near the village of Ploshchadka, which is located near the R-66 highway connecting the temporarily occupied Kremennaya and Svatovo and is considered key in the struggle for the liberation of the region.

During the farewell to Vasily in his native village of Kamenitsa, more than 500 people came to pay tribute to their hero.

“Buse, friend… Rest in peace! You were a reliable friend and became a brother! Heroes don’t die, they go to eternity… Bus, if you read it somewhere, I promise you! I’ll cook that bograch, which we promised the guys! True, without your help, it will be more like some kind of Magyar porridge … Dude, you were fire! Forever in memory and heart, “Andrey Zubritsky’s friend and colleague promised on his Facebook.

Earlier, GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported that a Russian sniper killed the champion of Ukraine and his brothers who were rescuing him.

We also said that a rock climber and traveler died in the Donbass after discovering 30 pieces of enemy equipment. The athlete went to fight the day after his wedding.

Source: Obozrevatel

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