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Basketball: with Petrucci and Meneghin ‘Communication makes the basket’

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I give birth in a video call in Bologna, the mother:

(ANSA) – ROME, 08 NOV – One hundred years for two institutions such as the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and Federpallacanestro.

The Milanese university and the Federbasket Lombard Regional Committee celebrated the anniversary with the conference ‘Communication makes a basket, a 100-point shot’, in the Great Hall of the Largo Gemelli complex. Three exceptional speakers: the Fip president, Gianni Petrucci; the very champion Dino Meneghin; Marco Vittorelli, president of Openjobmetis and Varese Basketball, inaugurated the Master ‘Communicating sport’ at the Catholic University with a lesson. The initiative was introduced by Paola Abbiezzi – didactic director of the Master – and by the president of the Lombard Fip, Giorgio Maggi.

There are many topics: from the importance of communication to the dual role of athletes-students: “The title of the conference is spot on: today if you are mediocre, but you know how to communicate, you become good; if you are good, but you do not communicate, you pass for normal – says Petrucci -. There have been many victories and defeats: in the 2016 Pre-Olympic against Croatia we had to win and we lost, in 2021 we overturned the prediction, winning the Games and conquering the field of Serbia. Athletes? I appreciate those who study and have interests in life”. The example in terms of basketball is that of Giulia Rulli, who in the summer wore the blue colors at the Tokyo Olympics of 3 against 3, and is attending a Masters at the Cattolica after graduating. Dino Meneghin, the most victorious Italian of all time, spoke of sport as a metaphor for life (32 successes in Italy and in Europe in Varese and Milan): “Sport prepares you for life and work, from this point of view defeats teach more than victories. Beyond the professionals, there is a real army of practitioners: only in basketball there are 540,000 members, but in total there are about 20 million involved. If there were a Sports Party we would go to the Government! “. Marco Vittorelli’s speech, on the other hand, analyzed precisely the different relationship that is created between sponsors and partners: “Openjobmetis has been active in the world of sport for some time, we were also sponsors of Marco Simoncelli, then we concentrated on basketball”. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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