Boxing: “Boxando s’impara” project in schools kicks off

Bernardo Mattarella, the Head of State at the conference in honor of his father (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 18 – Boxing goes back to school in a structured way, with a large investment by Federpugilato, in 23 institutes, including the Women’s Prison in Pozzuoli and the ‘Pacinotti-Archimede’ in Rome hosted the presentation of the “Boxando s’impara” project with two ambassadors: Alessia Mesiano and Emanuele Blandamura. After the first gong launched in June in the Women’s Prison of Pozzuoli, the FPI enters the schools in a structured way with a project focused on school educational boxing, accredited to the Miur in the context of Sport and Health and promoted in collaboration with the regional committees. The recipients are high schools and prisons, with two classes involved for each institution. There will be ten hours of practical lessons during curricular time, with the “adidas training kit” provided by the FPI and held by Fpi sports technicians, nine hours of online theoretical lessons and a final webinar for discussion and dialogue with the champion and ambassador. FPI Roberto Cammarelle. The FPI therefore invests in the school, guaranteeing a free work plan with interdisciplinary activities focused on three fundamental assets for boxing: training, social and culture. This is the goal of the president of the federation, Flavio D’Ambrosi, fully married to the head teacher, Chiara Sicoli.

“There is no male or female sport but a sport that adapts to people’s needs – underlined the world champion, Alessia Mesiano – Boxing requires commitment and sacrifice, and can also be practiced by women, in absolute safety and with the goal of acquiring self-esteem and psycho-physical well-being in the sign of the greatest value, respect “. The former pupil of Pacinotti-Archimede and European PRO champion Emanuele Blandamura, who has always been at the forefront in training young people and fighting phenomena such as bullying, knows this well: “I started boxing at eighteen. Initially I did it for a sense of revenge but then I realized that boxing is something else, it is physical and mental commitment, the will to build one’s personality, even in defeat. Failing does not mean being a loser but saying that you have tried “.



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