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Coni: Stampa Romana, “Let’s not reduce the rights of colleagues”

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The outburst of the bartender at the Circus Maximus attacked by no vax (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 20 – “Coni saves the competences, save the legal status of employment relationships with the exception of colleagues who work for the press office with a journalistic contract.

This would be the outcome of the decisions taken by the sports department after a passage with Aran and the ministry of public function regarding the reorganization of the National Olympic Committee. “Thus, in a well-known Roman press, he spoke on the issue of the reorganization of the organic plant of the National Olympic Committee with the unsolved problem of journalists and the press office.

“It is obvious that the functionality of CONI, identical in all these years, has been guaranteed for over twenty years also by effective communication carried out by professional journalists with the guarantees of the journalistic contract – underlines the Associazione Stampa Romana – If it is true that Coni is a public body with organizational autonomy, it cannot be subject to the characteristics of the public administration as an independent body from the State for the particular, specific and unique functions that it fulfills and carries out; therefore there is no automatism that should make it comparable to those who work for ministries and local authorities. We also know – continues the note – that the management of Coni is satisfied with the work and the results obtained by their colleagues. We consider the announced choice a serious mistake and we invite all parties to consider solutions in line with the current economic and contractual conditions “. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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