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Rome, Felix on the video: ‘Joke without racist intent’

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Serie A, Mourinho keeps his promise and gives the expensive pair of shoes to Felix (ANSA)

“I have read many comments about the video that portrays me and the coach in a special moment. I wanted to assure you that I did not feel offended by the comments in the background and I truly believe that the intent was not racist”, said Felix Afena- Gyan on social media in reference to the video published in the afternoon that portrays him while he unwraps the shoes promised to him by Mourinho, only to feel a discriminatory joke off-screen.
The player then continued: “From the first day I arrived at Roma I was welcomed by everyone like a family. And the boys joked with me, just like a family does.” Then he explains the reason for that comment from a club employee. “I eat a lot of bananas – he continued – and we joke about this at times and for this reason you have heard that comment. Here at Roma I have felt at home since I arrived. I think people have got the wrong idea about that. that happened and they heard “.

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Source From: Ansa

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