Home Sports “Balotelli chased us with lighters and hairspray to set us on fire”

“Balotelli chased us with lighters and hairspray to set us on fire”


The eccentric Mario Balotelli he continues to speak, and not precisely because of what he does on the pitch. The Italian striker now plays in the unknown Adana Demirspor of the Turkish Super League, and at the age of 31 his career has already been in a clear decline for several seasons. His case is proof that talent alone is not enough to establish himself as a great footballer.

The always controversial striker is in the news during the last hours due to some curious statements from a former teammate of his at Brescia. Specifically, it is Simon Skrabb the one who has given some details of the anecdotes carried out by Balotelli in the six months that he shared a dressing room with him: “He chased his companions with lighters and hairspray to set them on fire.”

The Finnish player signed for Brescia in the winter market, so he was his partner for half the season, something he will never forget: “When I arrived in Brescia nobody spoke English and the first time I had a Mario Balotelli as performer I remember that at the beginning everything was incredible. It was a beautiful winter, I made my debut against Milan and we qualified with Finland for the European Championship. Then the Covid arrived and everything changed.

However, the good initial impressions he had with the Italian forward faded. I thought he was a good guy. At first he was a kind of team captain. Then the confinement came and it’s gone a bit. It was a bit strange, you never know what could be invented “, explains Simon Skrabb, who at 26 is without a team and is looking for a new adventure in the world of football.

Source From: Okdiario