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    Carreño yields to Medvedev and Spain needs to win the doubles to be in the quarterfinals

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    Russia match forces with an untamed giant in their ranks. Daniil Medvedev was exhibited (6-2, 7-6) for the second consecutive day at the Madrid Arena and this time its victim was Pablo Carreño. The Asturian tennis player did everything he could to counteract the constant blows of his rival, which showed why he is number two in the ATP ranking and why Russia is – despite Rublev’s defeat – the favorite as the most in the Davis Cup .

    The defeat of Carreno, not by expected, it ceases to be especially painful for Spain, who will have to win the doubles, a priori with Granollers and Feliciano, to continue in the Davis Cup. Otherwise, Sweden and Serbia they will be the second best two and the main host and current champion will be eliminated.

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    After the crush of Feliciano, Carreno He opposed the most difficult yet, a victory that closed the tie on the fast track against the great favorite. Opposite, neither more nor less than Daniil Medvedev, one of the fashionable men in world tennis and current number two who arrived in Madrid with a clear objective, endangered by Spain.

    Medvedev It had been released giving only two games to a Emilio Gomez That pushed Pablo to the limit the day before. However, the one from Gijón had another game in mind that served as a precedent and motivational element, the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Games, where he laid the first big stone to win his bronze medal against an opponent he unhinged on the track.

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    Nevertheless, Medvedev The game had also been marked in the red and not precisely to make the same mistake. On Indian Wells He already showed it with a beating and the initial 5-0, without Carreno could do absolutely nothing to stop its exhibition, he again stated. Seeing Medvedev is spectacular and for -many- inexplicable moments, imagine the frustration of the one in front of him. Daniil loosened a bit in the final stretch of the set, which meant a break and a game to serve Carreño, who was not doing anything wrong, but with his repertoire he only gave him 6-2 against a real beast.

    The giant and the reaction of ‘David’ Carreño

    The result, traced to that suffered by Feli minutes before, hiding in the case of Carreno an important margin of improvement that happened because Medvedev was the one of the last three games and not the one of the first five of parties. The Russian left a silver lining for hope and Pablo he took advantage of it.

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    At the beginning of the set worthy of mention, the Asturian remembered the Such and he won three consecutive games that revived the fans. The points were shouted again and what was more important, the shy Carreno he added and enjoyed on the track. The party was once again a party but the risks that he had assumed, forced, Carreno they turned against him and that, with an ogre like Medvedev opposite, you pay dearly. Goodbye to the advantage break and back to rowing … with number two back in the game at his best.

    Carreño tries everything before he falls

    The gale became a tornado and with the serve as the best ally, Medvedev he built again the wall in which he had blocked Pablo, with a similar effect that aimed to end the game, since the partial placed Daniil with 5-3 and ready to break the Spanish service again.

    Carreño, all resilience and self-confidence, then drew strength from weakness and forced Medvedev, in the first place, to close with his serve and not yielding his own. Daniil, who is also a person, no matter how much it seems a cyborg, hesitated and ended up losing the service and the first chance of victory, taking everything irremediably to the tie break. It was a great game, also from Pablo, holding a real beast on the table.

    Of constant comings and goings, the first ones struck with too much force and it was prayed that they would not appear again but Medvedev, a man on a mission, completed his goal in a near-perfect tie-break in which he again minimized the chances of Carreno. And then yes, after an hour and a half of very hard battle, the favorite closed the game and commanded the Spain-Russia to the decision in the doubles.

    Source From: Okdiario

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