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    Feliciano works the miracle against Rublev and makes Spain dream

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    Spain can dream big in the Davis Cup thanks to Feliciano lopez. The 40-year-old from Toledo did not expect to be playing singles in one of the most prolific countries in terms of quality tennis players, but a string of misfortunes gave him command and he, with retirement on the horizon, took the wheel to complete one victory-miracle against Andrey Rublev (2-6, 6-3, 6-4). The cabals of the Spanish team were to scratch a set in singles and play it in the doubles but Feli contradicted all forecasts and loaded himself to number 5 in the ATP ranking, coming back a set and displaying a beautiful and effective game for an hour and 47 minutes on the mat of Madrid Arena.

    The almighty Russia look like the grandfather of the Davis Cup –In singles– leaves them on the brink of elimination with an unequivocal demonstration that playing a match in this tournament, whatever its format, is very different from doing it in any other competition and that in this one, with the public taking you on the fly , few or none like Feli to be crowned.

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    The one chosen to defend tooth and nail the first point of the tie was, again, Feliciano lopez. The Toledo took command of the operations and was placed as number two and a member of the doubles – with a possible change – before the possibility that Albert Ramos would replace him in the first individual. At 40 years old, Feli wants to continue adding successful afternoons in the Davis Cup and before Rublev I had the opportunity to walk out the front door.

    The ranking dictated an abysmal difference –106 against 5 of the ATP– but in sensations, Feli aimed to equalize the contest. With the public on his side and a track, the hard indoor one, in which the serve runs like it can only be seen in the British grass, his favorite garden. In addition, the mental game was in his favor, since few like him with victories as ‘covered’ in the recent history of the Davis Cup.

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    For the trap to be effective, it would be key that Feliciano’s service, a weapon of mass destruction in the face of Quiroz Friday, it was at the highest possible level. Unfortunately for the Spanish fans, thousands, present in the stands of the Madrid Arena after waiting almost two hours in line, the man from Toledo could not keep his serve at the first exchange, with a break of Rublev that doubled to place a disturbing 1-5 on the scoreboard with just over twenty minutes played.

    Feliciano’s Legend Reaction

    Spain, even with faith in FelicianoHe began to look closely at what was happening in other venues and to get the calculator out of the best second ones. The routes of the first set continued with the path marked from the beginning and Rublev, which had already failed before QuirozHe did not want any more surprises and closed it in his favor by 6-2.

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    You had to change the chip and for that, nobody like Feliciano lopez. Hardened in a thousand battles, he knew that his victory did not happen by playing at Rublev’s mercy in the first set but by launching himself on the attack, and this he did, with the volley accompanying a much more effective serve as an intimidating element against Rublev. Finish off points practically on top of the net to put pressure on the other side and throw the castle.

    Rublev, who had lived a too comfortable initial set, rested on his laurels and along the way he left just what Feliciano so much I yearned for, his service. Nothing else was needed, the courage, the flying and serving talent and the connection with the fans of the 40-year-old from Toledo did the rest. Spain added the desired set and looked to victory with the stands excited with their old hero.

    The final blow of a master

    The miracle was closer and Feliciano, the one who believed in it the most, put all the meat on the grill with a new break in the third game of the deciding set. Quick with his legs, daring with his blows and with the definitions in the network, López had resurrected his best game to put him at the service of Spain and, incidentally, reduce the confidence of a player to minimum levels. Rublev whose gestures did not bode well for Russia.

    There was a lot of game left but it was in the hand of Feliciano Or, rather, of your service. Only in the best – idyllic – forecasts could this scenario be visualized and Feliciano he was not about to miss the chance to make history. Solid, very solid at the service and completing each point with a duet celebration with Bruguera and dedicated to the entire public, his completed service games were categorically celebrated by the faithful respectable from Madrid.

    Feli had decided to take a chance and play Russian roulette with the Rublev and at 5-3 he again chose to attack all the balls in which he had the slightest chance. It was the kick of Andrey And it would be the last of the Russian, barely raised, because again with his in his hand and Feliciano López would finish putting up the stands of the Madrid Arena and take the “yes, you can!” that makes Spain dream of going as far as possible in the Davis Cup.

    Source From: Okdiario

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