Champions: it’s time for verdicts for the Italian teams

The Pope stumbles on the steps of the airplane ladder but does not fall (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 06 – For Milan it is like a final, for Liverpool only prestige is at stake. The difference in motivations, in view of the Champions League match scheduled for tomorrow at San Siro, is evident. Snai analysts see AC Milan winning at 2.05, significantly lower than the 3.30 of the British. The draw, given at 3.75, would not help Milan, forced to win and hope that Atletico Madrid draws or wins (but with a small gap) on Porto’s pitch.

The fight for second place is very close: on Snai the Portuguese (who have one point more in the standings than the two competitors) are favorites, at 1.80. Milan, at 3.50, slightly precedes Atletico, given at 4.00. Real Madrid and Inter face tomorrow at the Bernabeu. Both already qualified, but Inter would go to first place with a win. Not an easy feat, but possible: between the Spanish 1, given on Snai at 2.10, and the Inter ‘2’, at 3.40, the difference is not huge. At 3.45 an ‘X’ that would reward Real. However, the straight bet on first place sees the ‘Blancos’ clearly ahead, at 1.25. Inter’s chances are at 3.30. On Wednesday it will be Atalanta’s turn to play all out. The win against Villarreal would give them a safe promotion to second place, behind Manchester City. The odds offer concrete hope to the clearly favored Goddess at 1.73; the Spaniards (who are struggling to 13th place in La Liga) are far away, at 4.25, but they have two out of three results available: a good draw for them, which is worth 4 times the bet. In the dry play on the passage of the turn, Atalanta the check of a whisker, at 1.80 against the 1.90 of Villarreal. Also on Wednesday, a rather easy task on paper for Juventus, which hosts Malmoe.

HCL victory at a very low altitude, 1.16, the Swedish shot is at 16. Success may not be enough for first place, given that Chelsea, currently on equal points, have direct clashes in favor. This is why the English, in the head-to-head, are clearly ahead, at 1.40, while the Juventus record is at 2.75. (HANDLE).


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