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Swimming: the Pellegrini hyena, ‘many awaiting my disaster’

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Scala, Liliana Segre:

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 07 – “Here many women in recent weeks have talked about their experiences and their ideas, and tonight it’s my turn. I have never shied away from confrontation: I know I have character, and I don’t I have always stood up for what I believe in, I have exposed myself and I have defended the people I love, paying the consequences. It is part of the game.

So I accepted, I thought about it, and there is one thing that made me think in particular: in all these years, in which I have competed against women, why have I had to compare myself with men so much more often? Men who were waiting for me at the gate whether I won or lost. “Thus begins the monologue by Federica Pellegrini, dressed in red and a guest, but also host for one evening, of the Hyenas on Italia 1, in which the Divina of Italian swimming speaks , in no uncertain terms, to men: to those who have always supported her throughout her sporting life and to others who have always judged her.

“Because if you fall you are a finished athlete, and if you stand up you are a princess placed on a pedestal – says Federica -. Pedestal that, in any case, sooner or later you pay, because if a man wins and is justly proud of it, he is a bomber, if a woman wins and is justly proud of it, she pulls it. So they are all waiting for the disaster, like “let’s watch through the peephole what happens”, that if it goes wrong we go out on the landing to celebrate. Men who judged mine private life, because if you are a male athlete and you have relationships you are a successful man, if you are a female athlete and you have relationships you are man-eating. Like that son of a swimming coach, who when I defended my coach has tweeted “yeah, he’s your penis of the year.” A very fine sports analysis … which then I wonder, why “penis of the year”? Is it annual, like car tax? ” “Men who at 16, at my first Olympics, when I was struggling with acne like all teenagers in this world – underlines the 2008 Beijing Olympian – commented on the radio ‘it will be testosterone’.

How many laughs … “(ANSA).

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Source From: Ansa

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