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Venice: Zanetti, Allegri is a source of pride for us

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(ANSA) – VENICE, DEC 10 – “Allegri is a very genuine person, he is honest, he respected Venezia. I read his statements as a form of respect for what he saw on the pitch. This must be a source of pride for us , Juve do not underestimate us, they must make us understand many things “. Paolo Zanetti instills awareness in his team on the eve of the match against one of the greats of the championship.

Juventus returns to Venice, the lagoon coach offers a parallel: “For them it is a special trip, also for its beauty. Well, we must be as special as the city.

Juve have impressive values ​​and tomorrow we will have to rise to the challenge we have earned to get to play it. “

Four goals scored in Bergamo, four from Verona in a comeback, and Zanetti beats the key of psychological attention: “At first there was disappointment – he stressed – we must leave the setback behind us. Now we must be angry and redeem ourselves, aware that we are +5 on the target, and we have earned it on the pitch “. Allegri will focus on determination, Zanetti’s workhorse too. “I expect courage – he added – heart, aggression, rhythm, with an orderly match.

We will have to take advantage of the few opportunities to create them with our strategy because if we stay and watch, sooner or later Dybala puts it under the intersection. “

Venezia will have some training problems, because Ceccaroni is out due to disqualification, Okereke due to injury, but also Vacca is suffering from a heel problem, who will stay out: “Our usual focus is Ceccaroni-Vacca-Aramu, we will have to play with other features and also be careful, because the matches cannot last 60-70 minutes “.

The rumors about Caldara and his possible early return to Milan make the coach tremble a little: “For us it is very important, we went to get him believing it, me and Mattia (ds Collauto) received a lot of calls to find out if we were crazy. It’s definitely a winning bet, I hope it doesn’t happen so soon that he comes back to his own club. ” (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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