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Zanardi in the hyperbaric center in Ravenna, finished first cycle

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Sanremo 2022, Checco Zalone is the virologist Oronzo Carrisi (ANSA)

(ANSA) – RAVENNA, FEBRUARY 03 – Alex Zanardi has completed the first cycle of the treatment path at the hyperbaric center in Ravenna, where he was engaged throughout the month of January in therapies aimed at his recovery after the accident of June 19, 2020 when he collided with a truck with his handbike in the Sienese area. The Corriere di Romagna reports it. According to what transpires, the treatments would have had good results and in the spring the athlete should return to the center for a second, shorter cycle. The director of the center, Pasquale Longobardi, contacted by the Romagna newspaper, said: “I can say that Alessandro is certainly a person with an immense charge: he passed it on to me. He came here with a great desire to work.

It was a busy month for us but above all for him, in the end he understandably wanted to go home “.

According to reports, Zanardi underwent physiotherapy in a hyperbaric chamber. “This is a more efficient medical procedure than normal physiotherapy – explains Longobardi – the patient is stimulated with a mixture of oxygen and helium while performing the exercises”. There would have been results, says the director of the center without going into the merits. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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