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Bertolini: “Misunderstanding about Zaniolo, I’m very sorry”

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Ansa Live at 9 pm (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, 07 FEB – “I am deeply sorry for the negative implications that my words about Zaniolo are taking on.

Having extrapolated a small part of what I have expressed, without fully listening to all my thoughts in its complexity, may have contributed to generating the misunderstanding and for this reason I consider it useful to clarify. “The coach of the Italian national football team, Milena Bertolini, in a statement to ANSA, he returns to his statements yesterday during ’90 ° Minuto ‘.

“I tried to explain that Zaniolo’s frustration at the cancellation of the goal he scored deserved greater attention and greater understanding, as well as Mourinho’s affectionate embrace clearly demonstrated – says Bertolini -.

I stressed that, while not wishing to justify his words, the specific situation should have been understood, without punishing him beyond measure. Like all young boys, I believe that Zaniolo also needs to be helped and guided in managing the emotional aspects – continues the coach – that is, in managing the natural difficulties, frustrations and alleged injustices that can be experienced in a match. When I talked about education I was referring to these aspects, closely linked to football growth. Far be it from me to judge other personal aspects “.

“Nicolò is a great talent and a heritage of Italian football – concludes Bertolini – and above all a boy who among other things seems to me to be extremely sensitive and generous”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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