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Hundreds of thousands of robots will help the elderly to walk in nature

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Japan creates autonomous mobile robots that will help the country’s aging population to move around the street

Elderly people will be able to move on robots / Photo: Bloomberg

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Increasing life expectancy and growing needs have turned aging population in end users, who depend on technology to lead fulfilling lives.

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This is most noticeable in Japan – in 2020, more than a quarter of the entire population of Japan was at least 65 years old, writes Bloomberg.

This ratio is projected to reach 38% by 2050. In turn, Japanese technology companies are developing solutions to address the challenges of an aging population.

One example is RakuRo, single-seat autonomous high-speed robot, developed by the Japanese company ZMP Inc.

Partially launched in January 2022, the robot provides transport services between the facility and three clinics about 700 meters away.

Patients may place an order on your smartphoneby selecting the meeting time and destination. The robot can walk along the nearby riverbank, bringing the user closer to nature.

To ensure safe movement, the robot is equipped with six cameras, five sensors and an emergency stop button and programmed to respond to the environment.

For instance, if the traffic light flashes before the red light turns on, or if there are objects like people or cars, the robot will stop.

Robots can fill the shortage of 380 thousand workers care for the elderly in Japan.

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