Ovy virtual assistant arrives, replies to emails with 1 click


(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 16 – Ovy arrives, the virtual assistant able to answer emails in just one click. Developed by the Italian startup Userbot, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) it processes the reply emails, reducing daily management times. This new technology – explains the company – can be integrated directly into the Gmail mailbox using a Google Chrome extension and is available both for free, with the generation of 50 response emails, and in the premium version “By selecting one of the buttons present on Ovy (thumbs up, thumbs down and thanks), the answers generated with the help of AI will be realistic, relevant to the context and ready to send – he adds – With a couple of clicks, it is also possible to indicate to Ovy the register and tone to use to formulate a formal, informal, generic, positive, negative, cheerful response and more “.

In addition, “thanks to the integration of Google Calendar, Ovy can plan the next meetings. Just click the calendar icon for Ovy to compare the availability of the agenda, generate an appropriate response and propose to schedule a meeting for a specific date and time. based on availability “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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