Ukraine, the developer community is also mobilized

Biden's message to the nation:

Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, the country’s developers are also making their voices heard. Among these, GSC Game World, Frogwares and Vostok Games, which over the years have given birth to globally appreciated titles. Ukraine is a thriving community of software houses, especially those dedicated to the creation of video games. GSC Game World, authors of the Stalker saga, post-apocalyptic shooter, launched a message on social media in support of the Kiev militias, also reassuring fans about the continuation of their work, “which at the moment continues remotely” they say.

On Twitter, the company released an official statement claiming the freedom of its nation and asking players and developers to share the message. GSC is not alone, alongside it there are also Frogwares, which is responsible for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, and Vostok Games, the group behind Fear the Wolves. Both expressed their thoughts through social networks, asking for solidarity with the entire videogame industry. Frogwares stressed that Ukraine is a free and peaceful country, while Vostok Games joined the protests by proudly sharing the colors of the national flag. An online thought comes from the popular game streaming service Twitch, which tweeted “Mentally, we are here”, with an image that portrays a setting of Elden Ring, one of the hottest video games on the platform at the moment, under a sky in Ukrainian colors.

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