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In France, these robots serve customers in restaurants

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Once reserved for science fiction films and books, robot waiters are now a reality in French restaurants. Two original local experiences have rightly caught our attention in recent weeks.

Thus, the Asian Gourmet restaurant in the town of Saint-Léonard in Pas-de-Calais has decided to bring a humanoid from China who responds to the name of Alexa to serve its customers. Lina Zhou, the manager of this establishment is very satisfied with her experience. Quoted by News Pas de Calaishowever, it states: She can’t do all the tables because her moves are rather long. We put it into service when there are not too many people “.

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According to our colleagues, the server robot responds to orders from restaurant employees who direct it with a tablet. She then only has to go to a chosen table and serve the customers. Once their order has arrived, they tap on Alexa’s arm, which returns to its place.

Do server robots threaten jobs?

In addition to this significant contribution, the robot also has interesting social features. Alexa is indeed able to heat the room, she can sing, give the weather forecast to customers, or even give some practical information. Something to amuse the curious and make good publicity for the establishment.

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The experiment is so conclusive that the restaurant has even decided to order a second robot. However, there is no question of saying that they will replace the staff. The manager explains that they need humans to be controlled and that it is only an additional help.

A similar experiment is currently being carried out in the Art et le Boeuf restaurant in Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence in Drôme. Two robots named Bella and Hola serve customers by bringing them food and drinks. The principle is the same as in Hauts-de-France and here again, the owners seem delighted.

The restaurateur behind this initiative explains that she had this idea after her staff complained of back pain. Here, this is not a brake on employment, since she specifies that she has hired two waiters and a dishwasher since this purchase.

Source: Presse-Citron

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