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Hackers hacked Vkontakte and sent the Russians the truth about the war

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The popular social network in Russia Vkontakte was hacked and sent to users a message from the official group, which told the truth about the war in Ukraine

Hackers hacked Vkontakte / Photo: Collage: Today

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Many users received a private message saying that Russia had invaded Ukraine and had been shelling our cities for 25 days.

: Impeach Putin! In Russia, state websites demand a change of power

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The message indicates the number of dead Ukrainians, as well as the losses of the invaders.

The authors of the message call on the Russians to come out to the squares of their cities and demand to stop the war, Putin’s resignation.

Also, users were warned that the social network was hacked, and all data and correspondence were transferred to the relevant authorities.

Those who may have the symbol “Z” on their profile pictures may be considered a criminal and put on the international wanted list. In the future, they can be detained in any country in the world.

Earlier we wrote that Anonymous hacked the website of Rosatom and said hello to Putin. A hacker group hacked into the website of the Russian state-owned atomic energy corporation and leaked gigabytes of data.

By the way, in Ukraine they created an online game to fight against Russia – you can attack the enemy without leaving your home.

Source: Segodnya

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