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Security, Russian computer virus hits Asus routers

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MARCH 22 – The variant of the computer virus Cyclops Blink, identified during the digital war unleashed in conjunction with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is of concern. The malware, according to the analysis of researchers of the security company Trend Micro, was used to build a network of devices, so-called ‘botnet’, which causes attacks on Asus routers, the terminals used in homes and offices to connect to the internet and create local home networks.

The action is traced back to the Sandworm criminal group, linked to the Russian Federation.

The aim, for the experts, is to create support for targeted attacks on non-allied countries. In research by security agencies, Cyclops Blink has appeared since at least 2019, and has hundreds of ‘victims’ around the world. One of the most technically interesting aspects of malware is that the threat is developed with modular computer code. This means that the virus can be updated to affect other routers and devices, changing only part of its development lines.

According to what was discovered by Trend Micro, with the collaboration of the National Cyber ​​Security Center of the United Kingdom, once the router is infected, Cyclops Blink can read a portion of the memory where information on connected devices, system files, programs and much more is collected. . A fleet of affected Asus routers are put together to carry out a series of large-scale attacks, making websites unavailable, for example, but also industrial platforms and related accessories such as security webcams. The group of attackers attributable to the malware is Sandworm.

The organization, also known as Unit 74455, has always been linked to the Russian Federation and is made up of members of the Moscow military services. Asus has released software updates for affected routers to block the spread of the threat. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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