Internet, almost 4,000 new domains related to food in 2021

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(ANSA) – PISA, 23 MAR – There are almost 4 thousand new .it domains pertaining to the agri-food sector registered in 2021. And for 2022 between January, February and March (in progress) registered “as of now 4,680 new sites in agri-food sector “. This was announced by the .it Registry, the web registry with an Italian plate and an organ of the IT and telematic institute of the Cnr (Cnr-Iit), which since 2016 has established, in collaboration with the IT department of the University of Pisa and Infocamere , Fine, permanent observatory to analyze the diffusion of the internet among the various sectors belonging to the agri-food sector and study their diffusion. The new .it sites linked to food born in 2021 are 3834: of these, almost 41.94% belong to restaurants, 12% to starchy foods and 10.17% to wine. Other agro sectors follow (hunting, animal capture, forestry and use of forest areas, etc.) with 9.05%, agritourism with 5.63% and crops with 4.90%. A similar situation also on a total basis: of the 101,605 .it sites registered so far, 37.8% always belong to the catering sector, 12.3% to wine, 11.3% to starchy products. The other agro and agritourism sectors follow, both at 8.3%. More generally, since the start of the survey in 2016, an increase of about 8 thousand units has been recorded – net of cancellations over the years – as regards the .it websites belonging to the sector; an increase of 8.4%. At the time of the initial photograph, of the 93,730 sites registered for the agri-food sector, 36.1% always belonged to the restaurant category, 11.5% to that of wine while 11.3% to that of the farm.

“The agri-food sector is a fundamental sector for the Italian economy – commented Marco Conti, head of the .it Registry and director of Cnr-Iit – but are we sure that this circumstance is also reflected on the web? Is it to answer questions like this one? that, six years ago, Fine was born “.

The Observatory is “a reliable photograph to observe how the situation changes over time within the Italian food web” – adds Maurizio Martinelli, first technologist of Cnr-Iit. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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