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3 essential Chrome extensions for Amazon

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Amazon proudly occupies your browser’s home page and you tend to spend several hours there every day shopping or just seeing if the products on your wishlist aren’t on sale? Here are three essential extensions for Chrome.

Three complementary extensions that will allow you to significantly improve the experience on the site.

Photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash

Le Camelizer

A capture of the Camelizer
A capture of the Camelizer
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If you order from time to time at Amazon, then you inevitably know CamelCamelCamel, a service which offers you to visualize in the form of a graph the evolution of the price of a product.

What you may not know, however, is that the creators of this site have also developed an extension: le Camelizer.

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Very practical, the latter offers the same functions as the service. Once installed on your browser, all you have to do is go to a product page and click on its button to see a lot of crucial information displayed, and in particular:

  • Price history, in the form of a graph;
  • An alert system;

The graph is quite clear and thus shows the evolution of the price of the product you are on. The Camelizer also allows you to define the period of your choice: one month, three months, six months or a year.

Below you will find a table consisting of three rows. It will allow you to set a price alert on the product. You will simply have to choose the line corresponding to the origin of the product (Amazon, third-party seller, used) and enter the desired price.

After entering your email address in the last field, the alert will be active and you will then receive an email as soon as the price of the product drops below the desired threshold.


Trusty offers plenty of filters to further target search results
A capture of Trusty

Trusty will also quickly become essential to you. Available on the Chrome Web Store, this extension aims to simplify search on Amazon by adding new filters.

Concretely, after launching a search, you will see a new bar appear above the list of results.

The latter will allow you to take control of several criteria:

  • The number of pages;
  • The minimum number of stars;
  • The minimum number of notices;
  • The minimum price;

By playing with these sliders, you will therefore ensure that you have results that are more sticky to your expectations. The time saving is not negligible, especially since you can also combine the filters from Trusty and those from Amazon to further narrow the choice.

Amazon Deals Finder

Deals Finder, an extension to find great deals on Amazon
A screenshot from Deals Finder

This is an extension that is aptly named. Amazon Deals Finder, also available on the Chrome Web Store, will indeed allow you to easily find the best Amazon deals.

Once the extension is installed on the browser, you just have to click on its icon to see a small contextual menu appear.

This will allow you to personalize your search, using several criteria such as:

  • the country ;
  • keywords ;
  • the delivery interval;
  • the minimum and maximum price;

You will of course be free to use a single criterion, or to combine several. When it is done, a simple click on the dedicated button display the list of all the products corresponding to your request.


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