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A powerful storm on the Sun provoked a fantastic aurora on Earth

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The aurora borealis is a common atmospheric phenomenon, but it fascinates with its beauty.

Beautiful photos of the aurora / Photo: Twitter, Collage: Today

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A series of solar storms last week triggered a powerful aurora on Earth. It was especially impressive in the night sky in Canada, the northern parts of the United States and New Zealand.

Photographer Jenny Hagan took a photo of the aurora over an abandoned cabin in Canada as it shimmered in green and red hues.

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“The night sky offers so much to see from our small space on Earth,” Hagan commented on her photo.

Hagan was also able to capture a stunning time-lapse video of the sky, writes space.com.

Other photographers also shared their work

What is the aurora and how does it appear

The name “aurora borealis” was coined by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei in 1619 – in honor of the Roman goddess of the morning dawn, Aurora, and the Greek god of the north wind, Boreas. But the first mention of the aurora dates back to 30,000 BC.

The sun ejects charged particles from its corona, or upper atmosphere, creating what is called the solar wind. When this wind collides with the Earth’s ionosphere or the upper atmosphere, the aurora is born.

The most frequent and bright aurora occurs when magnetic storms occur on the Sun.

To better study the auroras, NASA sent the Parker Solar Probe to the Sun. He recently took an incredibly close photo of the star.

By the way, some time ago, astronaut Tom Peske took a beautiful picture of the aurora from the International Space Station. From space it looks even more fantastic!

Source: Segodnya

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