Privacy: Meta prohibits the publication of private addresses in posts

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(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 11 – Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, will no longer allow users of both platforms to share the private addresses of subscribers, even if they are already in the public domain. This is the change request made by the Control Committee, better known as the Oversight Board, born in November 2018; is an independent body that analyzes and proposes modifications for the moderation of contents on the platforms owned by Meta.

Before this change, anyone could post details of the home on their message boards, including photos of the exterior, of celebrities, famous or not, whose information had already appeared elsewhere, such as newspaper articles and on the web. The Oversight Board had asked to eliminate the exception, as the user could become a victim of doxing (the dissemination of private information), intimidation or stalking. The change of directive comes from the group led by Mark Zuckerberg one year after the invitation to the Observatory to intervene in the management of private residential information. The Council had issued a response in February, suggesting tightening policies on sharing of addresses, mainly due to concerns surrounding doxing. The term refers to the practice of publicly seeking and disseminating personal and private information online, for malicious or persecution purposes.

Meta will make the change later this year with some exceptions. For example, it will be possible to share images depicting the exterior of a house if useful for the context of a news item. Furthermore, there will be no vetoes on the publication of information on the home of public figures, such as heads of state and government, as long as it is not the private address but the official residence of the current office. (HANDLE).

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