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Ukraine: 2-wave cyber attack on power plant thwarted

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Zelensky proposes an exchange between Medvedchuk and Ukrainian prisoners (ANSA)

(ANSA-AFP) – ROME, APRIL 13 – Ukraine has thwarted a cyber attack, in two waves, on one of its largest energy plants, government officials have announced. The attack was carried out by Sandworm, a group of hackers linked to the Russian intelligence services, explains the Ukrainian Computer Emergency Response Team. The targeted power plant was expected to be hit in two waves, with an initial attack in February and a continuation on April 8.

The Sandworm group’s malware successfully penetrated the network management system but caused no power outages, Victor Zhora, a senior cyber security official said at a news conference. The attack used a modified version of the Industroyer2 malware that was intended to amplify the damage done to the country’s physical energy infrastructure by the Russian military.

A December 2015 cyber attack using an older version of the malware, believed to be the first of its kind, left hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians without electricity. Speaking at the same briefing, Farid Safarov, deputy minister of the energy department, said cyber defense warned Ukraine in advance of the attack, while admitting it was impossible to “safeguard the system 100 percent”. In the days leading up to the February 24 Russian invasion, Ukraine claimed to have been the target of “continuous” and increasing cyber attacks. These attacks temporarily disabled several government websites, including those run by the cabinet of ministers, parliament, the foreign ministry and the state security service. (ANSA-AFP).

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Source: Ansa

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