He repeated the mistake of Napoleon and Hitler: scientists have found the reason for Putin’s failure in Ukraine

The second army of the world was preparing to conquer Ukraine in two days, but in reality their tanks were loaded in the mud

Putin, following Napoleon and Hitler, could not overcome the Ukrainian impassability / Photo: Collage: Today

When Russia attacked Ukraine in February, its military leadership did not take into account one very unconventional but effective weapon in the Ukrainian arsenal – impassable dirt roads at this time of year.

: Arestovich: Occupiers’ offensive in Donbas will be drowned in mud due to heavy rains

This phenomenon occurs twice a year, first in the spring, when winter frosts subside and the country’s terrain and dirt roads become almost impassable, turning into mud, and then in the fall, when heavy rains can fall, writes cnbc.com.

According to military experts, mud helped slow down Russia’s advance in some parts of the country, especially in the north.

This phenomenon is known from history textbooks: Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Russia in 1812 was notorious for being slowed down by mud, as was Nazi armies that invaded what was then the Soviet Union in 1941 and faced with the same logistical problems caused by mud and local weather that the Russian forces faced.

“Ukrainian mud and what is called” thaw “is the period after winter when off-roads are obtained … this has been known for hundreds of years, Napoleon faced this problem.

So yes, it’s a tactical feature that benefits Ukrainians, and it was especially important in the north, where there’s a lot more forest,” Maximilian Hess, a fellow at the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, told CNBC.

Despite the military exercises that preceded the invasion, Russia failed offensive in northern Ukrainewhich demonstrated “real problems with the professionalism of the Russian military.”

Hess also believes that most of the equipment could overcome the mud if it did not go along one track – this also speaks of the unprofessionalism of the command.

This raises some real questions for me… The Russians have been training and practicing a foreign invasion for almost a decade, but they have never been able to handle the dirt.which has been a known problem for 300 years,” the scientist added.

Source: Segodnya

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