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    No sunrises: on Mars it will be possible to live only underground

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    The red planet does not have a protective field to stop cosmic radiation, but you can hide from it underground

    Humanity will not be able to admire the Martian sunrises / Photo: Pixabay

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    NASA InSight recently captured a beautiful sunrise on Mars. But such species will be inaccessible to mankind. If we can colonize the Red Planet, then we will have to live deep underground.

    : He is doomed: scientists have warned that the moon will crash into Mars

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    This conclusion was reached by scientists, assessing the numerous threats to life on the surface of Mars, including record-breaking quakes.

    It also includes the amount of cosmic radiation that falls on Mars, including galactic cosmic ray (GCR) particles.

    Extensive exposure to GCR particles can lead to many health problems in humans, such as the development of cancer, cataracts, and damage to the central nervous system.

    Mars does not have a protective magnetic field against radiation

    Mars does not have a protective magnetic field against radiation / Photo: NASA

    And Mars does not have a protective magnetic field similar to the earth’s, which does not allow GCR particles to freely pass into its atmosphere and reach the surface of the planet.

    However, a new study suggests that a deep depression on the surface of Mars could provide protection from harmful radiation and provide building materials for future astronauts. By the way, Ukrainian designers have recently developed a design for a settlement on Mars.

    The result of the analysis showed that the effective dose of radiation peaked at a depth of 30 centimeters in the regolith.

    In addition, the researchers suggested that safe living on Mars, defined as an annual radiation exposure of no more than 100 millisieverts, would require a shield of regolith 1 to 1.6 meters thick, writes space.com.

    So in the future, humanity can settle in the underground shelters of Mars, as shown in many science fiction films.

    Earlier we wrote that the rover filmed an incredible solar eclipse on the Red Planet. Thanks to a new video, scientists were able to see the irregularities of the moon of Mars.

    Source: Segodnya

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