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Mesmerizing: Astronomical Photography Competition Winners

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An incredible photo of a solar eclipse won first place in the Astronomical Photographer of the Year 2021 competition. The Astronomical Photography Competition has been running for 13 years

Astronomers’ Photo Contest Winners. Photo: rmg.co.uk

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This prestigious award is presented by the Royal Greenwich Observatory in England. Winning photographer Shuchan Dong from China snapped a picture during an annular solar eclipse in the Ali region of Tibet on June 21, 2020.

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The photograph was named “The Golden Ring” and looks simply mesmerizing: a circle of light against the background of a dark, gloomy sky.

The competition is divided into eight categories: “polar lights”, “galaxies”, “our moon”, “our sun”, “people and space”, “planets, comets and asteroids”, “celestial landscapes” and “stars and nebulae”.

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In addition to winning the £ 10,000 grand prize, Dong’s image will be on display along with other selected images at an exhibition at the Observatory, which opened on 18 September.

Winners of other nominations:

Polar lights

Dance of the Aurora Lights: Dmitry Rybalka


Milky ring: Zhong Wu

Our Moon

On the other side of the border: Nicolas Lefodo

Our Sun (and absolute winner)

Golden Ring: Shuchan Dong

People and space

Lockdown: Dipal Ratnayaka

Planets, comets and asteroids

Colorful Quadrant Meteor: Frank Kushai

Heavenly landscapes

Moon of Dunes: Jeffrey Lovelace

Stars and nebulae

California Dreamin: Terry Hancock


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