Apple, new spot to remember the importance of privacy


Apple launches a new advertisement entitled “The next sale is a digital treasure: the private data of the enchanting Ellie” with which it wants to raise awareness on how the personal information that everyone produces daily from the apps and services that they produce is produced, shared and used. use. The goal is to remember the tools already in place to give people real “power” over their data. For example, iOS and iPadOS users can view the app privacy report in settings, to get a report containing information about the network activity of each app and websites, as well as the domains that all apps contact most frequently. For web browsing, Safari’s privacy report allows you to see a list of known trackers that have been prevented from tracking activity when you visit the sites. At the end of the ad, Ellie, the main character, activates “privacy protection in Mail”. This feature for the app on Mac, iPhone and iPad prevents senders of an email from knowing information such as the user’s IP address and when or how many times they view a message or forward it. On iOS and iPadOS, privacy controls are an effective way to manage apps that have access to device location. You can choose whether to allow an app to access your location once or every time you use it, as well as whether apps can see your approximate location, within an area of ​​approximately 16 square km. Finally, e-commerce: as the American giant explains, with Apple Pay the company does not keep track of what a person buys, so it cannot build a history of expenses to propose advertisements. Those who use an Apple device can understand the complex economic system of data by reading the guide, now translated into Italian, “A day in the life of your data”.

Source: Ansa

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