LeCun (Meta), great challenge is to cure any type of cancer with AI

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(ANSA) – UDINE, MAY 26 – “Treating all types of cancer will be the greatest challenge, and artificial intelligence can certainly accelerate the development of new drugs”. This was stated by Yann LeCun, chief AI Scientist of Meta, the US company that controls Facebook and Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger, as well as the virtual reality viewers of Oculus VR, speaking at a meeting on the use of artificial intelligence promoted by the project high training of Friulian industrialists Confindustria Udine Academy.

LeCun, Silver Professor of Data science, Computer science, Neural science, and Electrical engineering at New York University, for the first time in Friuli, explained that “the next AI revolution will happen when it is possible to teach the machine to think about it. like people or animals Today there are several possible applications, but not all of them are desirable, such as judicial decisions, which cannot be made dependent on the opinion of a machine.

Even on social media, a system of moderation and control is needed to exclude unwanted content, such as those that incite violence, bullying, terrorism or propaganda “.

On the possibility of filtering “fake news”, for LeCun “in the future there will be room for improvement, but not much, given that it remains difficult to decide which ‘untrue’ contents are really dangerous and should be excluded: if this is established for contents that bring health or safety risk, such as fake news on anti Covid vaccines – he specified – this is not as evident for contents that border on the joke, or are proposed as fiction or poetry “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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