Apple: metaverse is approaching, a patent for augmented reality

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The time is approaching for Apple to take the field with the viewers for the metaverse. An unknown company, called Realityo Systems and related to Apple, has registered the trademark “RealityOs” with the US Patent Office. The name has long been associated with the American giant’s first operating system for this new online reality.

According to the website The Verge, the trademark was filed on December 8, 2021 for categories such as “peripherals”, “software” and, above all, “wearable computer hardware”. The deadline for the embargo, the official unveiling of the service, is June 8, two days after Tim Cook’s keynote speech at WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual developer conference. While the operating system name may have been filed by any company, there is evidence linking the company to Apple. The headquarters of Realityo Systems – explains The Verge – is in fact Yosemite Research, the same as Yosemite Research, a convenient subject used by the Cupertino company to register the marketing names of the latest versions of macOS, the software that runs Apple’s computers .

Last year, Yosemite Research recorded “Monterey” just days before the developer conference, where macOS Monterey was unveiled. If at the event starting on June 6 it is likely that Apple anticipates something “rOs”, according to analysts, the possibility of already seeing the devices for the metaverse seems distant, according to analysts. According to some rumors, the company is working on two products: a pair of augmented reality glasses and a viewer for mixed reality. Both would have already been presented to the company’s board of directors with a view to an expected future launch between the end of 2022 and 2023.

Source: Ansa

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