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Facebook crash: workers can’t even get into company building

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The global failure of popular social networks affected not only their users. Facebook employees can’t get to the office to fix the problem

Facebook employees cannot enter the company building / Photo: REUTERS

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A message is being circulated on the Web, according to which the company’s employees cannot get into the office of the building, since their electronic card does not work at the entrance.

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“I just spoke on the phone with someone who works at FB and I was told that this morning employees cannot get into the building to begin assessing the extent of the outage because their passes do not work,” the editor of The New York wrote. Times by Shira Frenkel.

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Another source claims that Facebook employees cannot receive external emails.

“Not only are Facebook services and applications not working, but also its internal tools and communication platforms, including the Workplace. No one can do any work. Several people I spoke to said that this is the equivalent of a” snowy day “at the company.” – wrote on Twitter journalist Ryan Mack.

According to Verge, the technical issue appears to be the result of DNS issues and not a hacker attack, although Facebook has not officially confirmed the cause at this time.

According to the New York Times, two members of the Facebook security group, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the cyber attack was unlikely to cause problems because the technology behind the apps is different. It is unlikely that one hack will affect everyone at once.

As we reported earlier, due to the failure of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has already lost $ 6.6 billion. The shares of the world’s largest companies are falling rapidly.


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