Travel and vacations targeted by an intense hacker campaign

They created Diabolik, a garden in Milan for the Giussani sisters (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 15 JUN – With the approach of the summer holidays, the campaigns of hackers all over the world intensify. According to the latest research by the cybersecurity company Bitdefender, since last March, spam activities related to travel and holidays have increased internationally, with users’ inboxes filled with messages that prompt them to click on malicious links. and opening files in an attempt to break into targeted systems.

In particular, the victims are found in the United States (37%), Ireland (18%), India (12%) and the United Kingdom (9%). Cybercriminals are using various ways to deceive surfers. Among all the phishing emails, that is, scam communications that use keywords related to summer holidays and the most popular airlines (Delta, American, United, Alaska) and the sending of “urgent” messages of invoices or credit card transactions, that trick users into downloading malware. Bitdefender’s spam and malware filters also detected a particularly dangerous campaign in which criminals, posing as popular international hotel chains and tour operators, actually transmitted viruses capable of stealing credentials. Brand names impersonated include Accor Hotels, Panorama Tours, Meritus Hotels and many more.


Source: Ansa

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